TVM Capital Healthcare Partners
DIFC Gate Village, Building 4
P.O Box 113355
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 4 401 9568


Dr. Helmut Schusler, CEO

TVM Capital Healthcare Partners

TVM Capital Healthcare Partners is a private equity and growth capital firm focused on investments in the healthcare markets of the MENA Region, India and Turkey. The firm’s portfolio investments include specialist services that are either non-existent or drastically undersupplied such as long-term care, rehabilitation, around the clock and intermittent home care and world-class fertility treatment. The firm has partnerships with strong international healthcare institutions such as the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network (a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital), Joslin Diabetes Center (an independent, non-profit institution affiliated with Harvard Medical School), and Bourn Hall Clinic, Cambridge, UK (the world’s first IVF clinic), amongst others.

The firm is affiliated with the TVM Capital Group, which has been managing healthcare and life science capital for 30 years and has made more than 130 investments and performed more than 90 exits, including 45 Initial Public Offerings.

As a Limited Partner, Crescent Enterprises actively monitors the portfolio of TVM Capital Healthcare Partners and its resulting yields through regular contact with the company’s senior management and provides support and strategic guidance through its representation on the TVM Capital Healthcare Partners’ Fund Advisory Board.