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Bashar Masri, Chairman

Siraj Palestine Fund I

The Siraj Fund Management Company (SFMC) was founded by Massaar International to manage and oversee investment funds in Palestine that spur industrial development, promote economic growth, and contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

In 2011, SFMC launched the Siraj Palestine Fund I, a US$90mn private equity fund specialising in investments in viable start-ups, growth, distressed, buyouts, SMEs, and relatively large enterprises across various economic sectors.

SFMC has made a positive impact on the Palestinian economy, improving businesses, and providing employment opportunities for a more stable nation. To date, the firm has assessed over 190 potential deals in 9 different sectors including start-ups, expansion, and recovery, and has so far concluded 12 significant investments.

Crescent Enterprises is a Limited Partner of the Siraj Palestine Fund I, and provides strategic guidance through its representation on the Limited Partner Advisory Board.