Actively supporting operations across strategic sectors.

Crescent Enterprises, one of the UAE’s most prominent multinational companies, has succeeded in growing a diverse, global range of sustainable, scalable and profitable operating firms. Through its 20 subsidiaries and affiliates, Crescent Enterprises employs over 5,000 dedicated professionals and operates across five continents.


What Makes Us Different?

Crescent Enterprises acts on a long-term investment and operating philosophy and is a leader in growing diversified regional and global companies that are sustainable, scalable and profitable. With a dynamic nature towards diversification we are actively pursuing consumer-centric businesses to complement our traditional strengths in infrastructure-related industries.

We have identified three core geographies, Middle East and North Africa Region, Sub-Saharan Africa and Developing Asia; and sectors within these areas that show significant growth potential. These prospects are used as a base when reviewing new collaborative opportunities with highly motivated management teams and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to building long-term partnerships and enhancing stakeholder value.

Evaluation Process

When evaluating business and industry opportunities, and how our expertise can best be leveraged to create enduring success for all stakeholders, we use a clearly defined five-step process. The result of each stage is presented to the Investment Committee for review and approval.

1 Initial Screening

Conduct an initial screening of the opportunity against pre-defined criteria for assessment.

2 Preliminary Assessment

Investigate the opportunity by performing preliminary industry and market research; perform an analysis of the company’s business plan and growth strategy; assess expected risks and returns; ensure there will be a strategic fit with Crescent Enterprises; review the management team; and perform a preliminary Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) screening to ensure the opportunity complies with Crescent Enterprises’ ESG policy. A summary of this information is developed into an Opportunity Memorandum.

3 Evaluation & Structuring

Develop a detailed financial model and commence discussion on investment terms, structuring and key principles (legal/commercial).

4 Detailed Diligence, Legal Documentation

Coordinate and execute multiple streams of due diligence (commercial, financial, technical, legal and ESG assessment) and subsequently negotiate legal agreements, as well as develop a Post-Execution Memorandum (100 day objectives, immediate implementation checklist).

5 Final Approval and Completion

Present a Final Investment Memorandum (comprised of a detailed analysis on the opportunity, deal structure and the results of all streams of due diligence) and Post-execution document to the Executive Committee for final decision and post investment monitoring protocols.

Performance Management

Crescent Enterprises focuses on performance management by actively engaging with its companies and ventures to drive value creation, in a role which extends beyond commercial influence by actively providing strategic and operational guidance as well as market and financial intelligence. In addition, we provide representation on each of our company’s Board of Directors and other relevant committees, enabling us to oversee and monitor progress and performance, provide strategic oversight and ensure the enforcement of best-in-class corporate governance standards.

Sound corporate governance at every level of Crescent Enterprises operations is crucial to our long-term success. It is with this understanding that we strive to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, transparency and integrity at every level of our operations.

Enhancing Corporate Governance in the MENA Region

Crescent Enterprises is a member of the World Economic Forum’s MENA Regional Business Council and has been actively involved in the ‘Actionable Policy Reforms Initiative’. As part of this initiative, Crescent Enterprises led one of the key pillars and has developed, ‘Corporate Governance for Competitiveness in the Middle East and North Africa,’ a report comprising an in-depth analysis and policy recommendations aimed at enhancing corporate governance within privately-held firms, listed companies and state-owned enterprises in the MENA region.

Corporate Governance Structure

With a clearly structured and increasingly integrated corporate governance system that forms the basis for our operations and control processes, we constantly strive to enhance levels of trust amongst our employees as well as all our stakeholders.

Distinct levels of authority have been defined to ensure a balanced governance approach is applied to the operations and management of Crescent Enterprises and its group of companies.

The Crescent Group Board of Directors provides oversight on the activities of its two main subsidiaries, Crescent Enterprises and Crescent Petroleum.

  • Hamid Jafar, Group Chairman
  • Majid Jafar, Vice Chairman
  • Badr Jafar, Managing Director
  • Razan Jafar, Director
  • Neeraj Agrawal, Director
  • Ravi Kumar, Director

The Crescent Enterprises Executive Committee oversees the activities of Crescent Enterprises’ companies.

  • Badr Jafar, Chief Executive Officer
  • Neeraj Agrawal, Executive Director
  • Ravi Kumar, Executive Director

The Crescent Enterprises Investment Committee is responsible for assessing investments, divestments, joint ventures and corporate development activities within the company and its subsidiaries.

  • Neeraj Agrawal, Executive Director
  • Ravi Kumar, Executive Director
  • Tushar Singhvi, VP, Corporate Development & Investments

The Crescent Enterprises Human Resources Committee oversees all employee-related matters within the company including skills development and training, compensation and benefits, recruitment, and performance evaluation.

  • Badr Jafar, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ravi Kumar, Executive Director
  • Rene Hansen, Director of Human Resources

It is our responsibility to understand, and be accountable for, the impact of our decisions and activities on society, which is why corporate citizenship is such an important motivator of Crescent Enterprises activities. It is with the mind-set that businesses can “do well by doing good” that Crescent Enterprises has taken on a leadership role in societal development, to address not only the acute challenges, but also create a platform for sustainable development and growth.

Over the years we have formed strategic partnerships with impact investment institutions, non-governmental and community organisations who share our values and principles. To maximise our impact across several areas of need, we assess initiatives and partnerships on an annual basis.

The Crescent Enterprises Corporate Citizenship Committee is responsible for establishing and engaging in corporate citizenship activities to serve community needs.

  • Ola Al haj Hussin, Manager, Corporate Citizenship
  • Ghada Abdelkader, Manager, Corporate Development & Investments
  • Amar Majali, Manager, Communications
  • Ananth Achanta, Head of Accounts
  • Kirsty Smallman, Head Legal Counsel

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